Thoms Bros. strives to create and maintain unique, quality environments for the benefit of our clients and community.


Since 1991, Thoms Bros. Landscaping, Inc. has grown steadily from a small maintenance company into a completely integrated landscaping firm: design, build, and management.  Thoms Bros. now services clients through all landscape processes; design, coordination of builder and architecture teams, construction implementation, management, and environmental care.  By combining the professional abilities of the owners, Scot F. Thoms and Steven D. Thoms with their highly trained team members, Thoms Bros. can deliver maximum value while meeting individual client needs and expectations.

  • Unparalleled Integrity - do what we say...we want customers and potential customers to believe what we promise them because we have proven it in the past.
  • Unique Innovation and Creativity - Courageously seek and accept new challenges; take risks.  Envision new & endless possibilities that are both breathtaking and functional.
  • Unsurpassed Quality - we believe in perfection...precision cuts, straight lines, flowing curves, exemplorary plant material, and timeless construction.
  • Unrivaled Customer Service - we know customer’s are our future...are business is based on referrals, and we know we want customers to be satisfied with us from their first phone call to their need for landscaping ends.
  • God’s Planet - this is not ours...we believe in sound environmental practices that will benefit this planet, not destruct it.

Our values are not politically correct statements; they are who we are from the deepest part of us.  We encourage the sharing of these values with our employees and associates, because that is who we are.  But we realize they are not for everyone.  Individuals whose values do not coincide with the company’s beliefs will more likely flourish better outside of Thoms Bros. Landscaping, Inc.

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